the goal:  to bring out any style, personality, fashion 


The Studio Z experience is all about you. With our help you decide every detail of your session. Everything from make-up, hair, location, wardrobe, etc. You decide what fits best for you. Below is an example of the Studio Z senior session flow:




Your experience starts with a one on one consultation with Kara to discuss all the details of your session. Kara will meet you, find out a little about you, and then help tailor your session to express who you are. Kara will take the time to find that perfect location, help you decide what to wear, and give great advise on the type of vibe you would like to create with your images.  

030  TE  HR 7,5-4.jpg

Professional Makeup

You get to decide if you prefer your own makeup or if you would prefer to use one of Studio Z's professional makeup artists.  Our makeup artists are instructed to follow your preferences when it comes to your look, whether you choose natural, glamour, or somewhere in between, our artists can cover it all.  

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The Session

Time to relax and put all the preparation to work. You've picked the right site, you have just the right outfits, and now it's time to capture your perfect images. Relax and enjoy the experience while Kara directs you through your session.