Welcome to Studio Z Photography!

I'm Kara, photographer and owner of Studio Z Photography in Avon, Ohio. I'm a boutique portrait photographer specializing in senior portraits. As a photographer, I am always looking for inspirational moments in order to capture that next creative image that stands out from the rest.

Feel free to browse the website and keep in mind: Each page scrolls down for more information and you can click on most images to view in full screen. There are FAQ's, session details, full galleries and more info at the bottom of each page. After browsing, you can visit the contact page to inquire about a session.

A Little Bit About Me

I live with my husband, 4 kids, 3 cats, and our dog. To know me, is to know the things that I love the most and can't imagine life without...time with my family (I have the most amazing family by the way), friends, our pets, traveling, music (a huge part of my everyday), movies, books, the ocean, big cities, nature, Mexican food, coffee (Starbucks obsessed!), Johnny Depp, and of course...... my camera. I live and see so much life through my lens! Through it, I'm able to see details, colors, light, and emotion in the world around me that I otherwise may have walked by without even noticing.

For me, the journey that led me to photography began when I was ten years old and was given my first camera...a little plastic 110 point and shoot...you know (well some of you maybe not), the kind with actual film inside! My parents would attest to the fact that I went through rolls upon rolls of shooting everything and anything, including rocks on the sidewalk, the neighbors cats, and my personal favorite...all the overexposed, close-ups of everyone's startled faces during my "let's jump out and scare everyone in the family" phase. Later, after refining my subject matter just a bit, I started taking photography classes in high school and continued on at Virginia Marti College of Art & Design. At this point, I knew I loved photography, but I still hadn't planned on making it a career. It wasn't until after I went into various other directions, grew up, and had my kids that I realized it was still a big enough passion in my life that I needed to bring it back into my life. So I joined the Cleveland Photographic Society and signed up for their classes, watched tutorials, attended workshops, and re-learned photography in the digital world! It was, and still is an amazingly wonderful challenge. I started entering (and winning!) photographic competitions, and having images selected for art & photography exhibits. Through these opportunities, my work was being requested and featured in places like the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Cleveland Museum of Art's annual fundraising benefit, etc...I was more than hooked!

My children had opened my eyes to the importance and love of capturing every detail, smile, and milestone possible...All of those precious moments that you never want to forget...How they looked when they slept...those times when you're little girl would play in her room having a tea party with her stuffed animals and didn't know you were watching, and when your little boy was 3 and had to wear his Superman cape everywhere he went....for a whole year! Since I was all too aware of how fleeting these moments are, they come and go in the blink of an eye, I realized that I wanted to be able to capture these moments and freeze time for others too. I decided to make it my mission to make Studio Z happen...and so it began.

As my kids grew into teenagers, I discovered my absolute LOVE for photographing teens and high school seniors! I love their energy, spirit, individuality, and all of their unique personalities! I started photographing more and more seniors and they ended up becoming my signature specialty. They inspire my creativity all the time, and I absolutely love helping them express themselves, tell their story (because after all we all have a story!), and feel strong, confident, and beautiful inside and out!

I'm so thankful for all of my clients and their families...people that I always end up calling friends! Nothing is more rewarding to me than having them come back to me time and time again, photographing their kids as they grow, and seeing how my seniors bloom in college and join the world as adults! I truly feel blessed, and a little spoiled, that I actually get to wake up every day to this job!

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