You are the heart of Studio Z, so when you put your trust in me to document such a special time in your life, this is not something I take lightly. It means the world to me to be able to take the time to get to know you and to help you feel strong and confident. To know that I'm helping you show your own true, unique, amazing selves in your images is the driving force behind what I do. When I receive the testimonials letting me know what their experience meant to them, I'm so truly happy that I was able to help make their senior year one they will remember forever.



"From the moment I stepped into her studio, I knew we made the right decision on a photographer. The photographs were amazing & her decorating style was clean and fun!  I could immediately see her passion for art and photography.  Kara is very fun to work with, she has a great artistic sense, and is very positive and open minded – very relatable.  Her low key personality hides the abundance of ideas percolating in her brain!  She really knows from experience what works best and what to avoid.  She has a knack for bringing out a part of your daughter (or son) that, as a parent, tugs at your heart :)  Kara truly wants you to be 100% satisfied with your experience and I am so glad we chose Studio Z for our senior portraits!"

Maryellen Walter - Elyria Catholic




"Being involved with such genuine, down to earth, fun loving girls made this experience worth all the while. I can honestly say i became friends with every single one of the other models. Traveling made us all so much closer, i found myself easily opening up to them and confiding in them feeling like i belonged to something greater than just a modeling group. everyone truly cared for each other and no one was ever competing with anyone else. it was so sad that it went by so fast but being around every single one of my now friends has been such an adventure that i will remember always. Kara especially made it great and i can honesty say that i will most definitely need to visit her when i come back for college. Kara wanted the best for not only me but every single one of the other girls on the team. She was like a mother to us all,  making us feel at home and welcome whenever we came over her house! I will miss her so dearly so take in every moment you have with her and make sure to give your gratitude every chance you can, as what she does is out of the passion and love for photographer and all of you in the near future not just as a career. Kara is one of the few people i know that truly loves what she does and i know each one of you will love her just as much as we all did. Enjoy this experience and have fun with it, be yourself, and always know the difference between: smirk, small smile, and smile!"

Nicole Ganiere - Strongsville

509 - Kara-Zollos-SI-November-2017-009.jpg

1925-FE  Jaclyn Conroy LR.jpg

"This modeling experience has given me the opportunity to watch my daughter’s confidence grow. The destination shoots allowed us to have time together, along with spending time with the other models and moms. We have created some lasting memories over this past year and we both have made new friendships because of this endeavor. Our travels to Chicago and Palm Springs were so much fun and this has been a nice way to bond before she heads off to college in the fall. Kara has such creativity and a way of making each girl feel special and comfortable. I am so grateful that Jaclyn had this opportunity."

Regina Conroy - Avon



"Kara, you are amazing and so talented! From the planning session, to the photoshoot, to the senior pictures we will treasure forever, you made it all so easy. Kelly and Molly both had so much fun during their shoots- you made the experience comfortable and exciting. You are definitely the best of the best!! Thank you!!!"

Jenny Walsh - Avon Lake

283-FE Kelly Walsh - 8x10.jpg
1130-FE Molly Walsh - WEB RES.jpg

1467-4-FE Julia Zidek.jpg

"Being a part of the Studio Z modeling team wasn’t just an experience for my daughter, but also something we could do together to cherish this last year.  Kara took the time to get to know her personality and each shoot was an adventure that we will never forget.  When we look at the moments that she captured, we’ll always remember the experience that went along with that day."

Heather Zidek - Elyria Catholic



"Words can’t express the way I feel about Kara and StudioZ Photography.  Several months ago, my daughter was given an opportunity to be a Senior Model and “become part of a team and create new friendships”...but it has been so much more then that.  It has been an adventure filled with laughter, inspiration, fascination, and many memories that we will hold for a lifetime.  Being able to be involved as a mom in Taylor’s Senior Modeling experience has truly been a gift and an honor. Kara’s dedication and passion for what she does radiates in every aspect of her photography and having the chance to be there to watch her work with Taylor and to see the beauty she captures in her photos has been beyond amazing."

    “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a         portrait of who they are.”

    — Paul Caponigro

Valerie Cruz - Elyria Catholic

3080-FE  4x6  lR.jpg

883-  FE  Alexis DeWitt - 5x7 2 LR.jpg

"My experience with Studio Z and Kara has been incredible! Kara knows exactly how to take the right pictures of you to make you look effortlessly beautiful! There's no other place/photographer that can do what she does! All of the girls will become your new best friends and all of the shoots you do will be so awesome!"

Alex DeWitt - St Joseph



"We were so excited to get our photographs from Sage's senior session! It was hard to choose just a few because they were all so beautiful. Kara really worked with what Sage envisioned but also provided excellent guidance and creative ideas. We couldn't have asked for a better collections of photo memories of our daughter."

Lisa Waryck - Avon

328  FE  5x7  Waryck, Sage.jpg

1496-  FE  5x7 LR.jpg

"Being one of Kara’s senior models is one of the best experiences of my senior year. Kara is so talented, thoughtful, passionate and cares about you as a person, not just who you are in front of a camera. You get to travel, take pictures with different themes and even make some new friends, all while taking senior pictures of your own that reflect who you are! It truly is a great experience" :)

Celine Zidar - Avon



"Working with Kara is so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it! If you aren't used to being in front of the camera, then you don't have to worry, Kara makes the shoot so comfortable and walks you through everything. Would definitely recommend a session with Studio Z!"

Katie Longrich - Avon

DSC_4665-FE 4x6 Katie Longrich LR.png