1. SCHOOL:  Midview High School

  2. NICKNAME:  Sky

  3. FAVORITE CANDY:  Reese's

  4. FAVORITE DRINK:  Shirley Temple

  5. FAVORITE WEBSITE:  Mostly social media and online shopping, plus Pinterest because I love getting unique and new ideas

  6. DREAM JOB:  Nursing, Photographer, Interior designer, or Forensic Science

  7. BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IN HIGH SCHOOL SO FAR:  Getting into Nation Honors Society, and everything relating to cheerleading, such as making JV as a freshman, and Varsity as a sophomore, junior and now as a senior! :) Also including cheer awards awards, and all my hard work including my tumbling, and self goals for each year during sidelines and competition.

  8. UNUSUAL TALENT THAT I HAVE:  I suppose tumbling & being extremely flexible

  9. MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH:  Probably someplace with warm weather. Most likely a beach on an island, or pretty scenery. I'm very adventurous! 

  10. MY FAVORITE SONG:  Well it changes every day, but I like a lot of songs that include rap, R&B, very minimal country & pop, and/or just songs that you can really get deep into and sing with your friends...or Beyonce...I really enjoy listening to her!

  11. PERSON THAT I MOST WANT TO MEET:  Probably Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarez because they live the life!

  12. FAVORITE THINGS IN MY CLOSET:  Well, I'm sure this sounds so cliche, but for sure my clothes and shoes, because I love fashion and I am quite the fashionista!

  13. FAVORITE BRANDS/STORES:  Michael Kors, Ray-Bans, Nike & American Eagle

  14. SOMETHING I WISH I WAS BETTER AT:  Not freaking out about everything, and not stressing over the little things. In other words, having more self-confidence in myself because I don't always give myself enough credit.

  15. 3 THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT:  Family, music & fruit!

  16. SOMETHING I ALWAYS HAVE IN MY PURSE: I always have some money because you never know when you'll need it, or what you'll do randomly in a split second that you'll need some money for. 

  17. FAVORITE APP ON MY PHONE:  For sure Snapchat or VSCO

  18. I LOVE STUDIO Z BECAUSE:  It offers so much in my opinion...all the fun stuff, and everything that was mentioned at the model meeting. I also really like Studio Z because of the photo options and also letting us be ourselves! From what I've heard, I'm super glad and very excited I picked Studio Z!

  19. MY GOAL AFTER HIGH SCHOOL:  To go to a good college and get into the nursing school which I am very nervous for! I am thinking Kent State University or Cleveland State University.

  20. MY HOBBIES:  Cheerleading sidelines & also competitive, working on tumbling, and also working out and improving myself. Lastly, I enjoy adventuring around, taking pictures, and sometimes writing.

  21. FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER:  The Grinch! But really Meredith Grey & Yang from Grey's Anatomy! 

  22. THE LAST GOOD BOOK I READ:  Glass Castle

  23. FAVORITE DESSERT:  Milkshakes, ice cream cakes, or just chocolate in general!

  24. WHAT I'M MOST EXCITED ABOUT FOR MY SENIOR YEAR:  I an most excited for senior year because of cheer, all the "LASTS" that come with it, and also graduation!!!!!!!

  25. A RANDOM FACT ABOUT MYSELF:  I have a short stature, and I'm very petite. I had to have injections when i was in 4th grade, all the way through 9th grade that helped me grow. It was very hard having injections when I was that little every day on my own, but it taught me how to be brave. While I was unbelievably underweight and under height, I was always in the doctor's office and the hospital trying to find out what could possibly be wrong with me. Now I am kind of a normal height and I don't get treated differently anymore because of my height. Sometimes it is actually a perk!

  26. MY FRIENDS WOULD DESCRIBE ME AS:  Positive, but very straight forward, down to earth, and very caring and concerned. Also, trustworthy, and a good person to ask for advice.

  27. 3 THINGS NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ME:  I secretly love to sing;  I have major stress issues and it feels like OCD (it's weird, but there are funny little things I have to do in order t deal with it);  I hate wearing makeup! I really only wear mascara because I like a more natural look. 


*Special thanks to our fabulous makeup artist, BareFace to Bombshell!