Hello everyone. I can’t believe it’s already September! What that means here at Studio Z is that it’s the time of year that we get to announce our Senior Model Team for 2019!  This year we have 16 models, and we are so happy and fortunate to have each & every one of these wonderfully amazing seniors as part of the Studio Z Team! Being a Studio Z Senior Model means that they will get to be the fresh, new faces to represent Studio Z all year long. They’ll get to take part in creative, stylized photo shoots, have professional hair & makeup done, receive model perks, create new friendships, and some will even be going to Chicago for a special destination photo shoot! Click next to each of the models below to read fun facts about them, and see their first photos from their introductory studio session. We do this initial mini-shoot so that we can introduce the new team to you all. Also, be on the look-out for much more to come from these amazing seniors! I can’t wait to see how the year unfolds!!