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Your Name:  Maggie

School:  Avon 

Nickname: Maggs

Favorite Candy:  Satellite Wafers

Favorite Drink:  Shirley Temple

Favorite Movie:  Action

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Dream Job:  Actress

Biggest Accomplishment:  Feature role in My Friend Dahmer

Unusual Talent:  I can do five different accents 

Favorite Place on Earth:  Miami

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Favorite Songs/Band:  The Weekend / Ariana Grande

Person I Want to Meet:  Kendall Jenner

Fav Thing in My Closet:  Bold fashion pieces

Fav Place to Shop:  Anywhere

I Wish I Was Better At:  Sports

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Three Things I Can't Live Without:  Pets, Family, Movies

Something I Always Have In My Purse:  Lipstick

Favorite App On My Phone:  Pinterest

I Love Studio Z Because: Everyone is so nice & wonderful

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My Goal After High School: Best selling author

My Hobbies:  Acting, singing, fashion modeling, drawing

Favorite Fictional Charactor:  R2-D2

The Last Good Book I Read: The 3rd book in the Selection Series

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be:  Actress, author

My Favorite Dessert:  Wedding cake

What I'm excited About For My Senior Year: The fun electives

A Random Fact About Myself:  I won a chalk contest when I was eight.

My Friends Would Describe Me As:  Optimistic, ambitious, creative

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