School:          Avon

Nickname:     Molly     

Fav Candy:    Twix

Fav Drink:      Diet Coke

Fav Movies:  To Kill a Mocking                       Bird                               




Dream Job:                    Photographer

Biggest Accomplishment:                                                          Getting my job

Unusual Talent:                    Not sure?

Fav Place on Earth:                    China

Fav Music:                     One Direction

1360-FE  Jaclyn Conroy  HR.jpg


Person I Want to Meet Most:                                                        Harry Styles

Fav Things in My Closet:           Boots

Fav Place to Shop:         Earthbound  

Something I Wish I Was Better At:                                                        Sports

3 Things I Can't Live Without:                                      Phone-Netflix-Friends




Something I Always Have In My Purse:                                         Wallet

Fav Phone App:                        Twitter

I Love Studio Z Because:                                                      It's a cool way to                                     express myself.

My Goal After High School:                                                Complete college





My Hobbies:   Work, Youth Challenge

Fav Fictional Character:  Harry Potter

The Last Good Book I Read:                                                 The Great Gatsby

When I Grow Up I Want To Be:                                                         A teacher

My Fav Dessert:                   Brownies

480-FE  Sydney Krauth - 5x7.jpg







What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year:                               DC trip

A Random Fact About Myself:                                                       I love dogs!

My Friends Would Describe Me As:                                               Easy going