MEET Julia



School:          Elyria Catholic

Nickname:     Jules       

Fav Candy:    Sour Patch Kids

Fav Drink:      Lemonade

Fav Movies:   Nicholas Sparks

Dream Job:  Wedding Planner





Biggest Accomplishment:                                     Selected as a Varsity It Girl

Unusual Talent: I can balance books                            on my head

Fav Place on Earth:                   Fiji

Fav Music:                                  Usher

Person I Want to Meet Most:                                                       Justin Beiber

2085-FE  Julia Zidek - 8x10.jpg


Fav Things in My Closet:                                                       Summer clothes

Fav Place to Shop:   South Park Mall

Something I Wish I Was Better At:                                 Organizational Skills

3 Things I Can't Live Without:                                          Phone-Car-Makeup


Something I Always Have In My Purse:                                   Chapstick

Fav Phone App:                    Snapchat

I Love Studio Z Because:                               You get to meet so many girls

My Goal After High School:                                       Attend Univ of Kentucky

My Hobbies:          Cheerleading                                        (All Star & School)                               


Fav Fictional Character:                                                              Minnie Mouse

The Last Good Book I Read:                                                       Great Gatsby

When I Grow Up I Want To Be:                                             An event planner

My Fav Dessert:                                                              Cold Stone Ice Cream


What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Cheering football games




A Random Fact About Myself:                                                I have two dogs

My Friends Would Describe Me As:                                        Outgoing, Fun  

3 Things No One Knows About Me:        I've been a cheerleader for 14 yrs                        My favorite color is pink                                        I love makeup